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Crafting custom mentoring software with low code

Using low code, we replaced Ambits’ off-the-shelf mentoring software with a futureproof, accessible, and user-friendly custom solution.

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A back-office in need of scaling and automation

Ambits is an ambitious start-up that facilitates mentorships for executives and management teams in Belgium, which involves a lot of administrative tasks. However, their off-the-shelf solution proved expensive and difficult to use, and did not integrate with other tools. Since it also lacked a reporting feature, Ambits had to maintain a separate overview in Microsoft Excel, an arduous manual process that reduced transparency. To reduce the time spent on administration and keep up with their growth, Ambits started looking for an intelligent and user-friendly solution.

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A purpose-built, easy-to-use platform meeting every need

The low-code experts at Roboest worked together with Proj3ctS to deliver an intelligent solution that fit Ambits’ unique needs. We leveraged our technical expertise, while they took care of the high-level architecture, communication, and project management.

We started the project with a thorough analysis of the shortcomings of Ambits’ current tool, and the must-haves for their new application. We quickly decided on using low code and the Microsoft Power Platform in combination with Microsoft Teams, which allows for easy integrations with other tools and services Ambits already uses. For example, the project documentation created in Jotform, their form builder, is automatically sent out to all stakeholders through Outlook.

Besides consolidating communication, Ambits’ new platform also offers more transparency. Every key stakeholder has their own login to access the application, giving them a real-time view of all relevant data based on filters and their role. The intelligent solution also features time registration, giving Ambits key insights into the efficiency and duration of the mentorships they facilitate.

By leveraging Roboest's expertise and the efficiency of low code, we managed to deliver the new platform in just a few months. We quickly grasped the complexity of Ambits’ way of working and made sure their new tool put user friendliness at the forefront. By sharing key insights between their sales and back-office, the new platform supports their growth ambitions and frees up valuable time for their employees. With all of Ambits’ must-haves met, we will gladly help them implement the nice-to-haves once they have used the platform for a few months and identified opportunities.

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  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Increased user friendliness for all end users
  • Reduced workload for Ambits’ experts
  • Increased stakeholder satisfaction
  • Centralized communication
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