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Automation is the mindset &
People are the drivers

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Process Automation

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Creating Impact

We identify, optimize and redefine your business processes with digital technologies and data insights. By creating meaningful solutions and evolving businesses into true digital ecosystems with a hyperautomation strategy.

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Data takes on new meaning and value. It can provide valuable insights, predict trends, and help you stay ahead of the competition...

In this webinar, you can discover the benefits of
Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) and gain a holistic understanding of the solutions available on the market. But most importantly get insights into how you can leverage IDP to extract business value and insights from your organization's unstructured data.

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Evolving Clients

Trusted by great companies within Belgium and the Netherlands! We help our clients to evolve towards better processes with improved data insights.

Our Vibrant Ecosystem

RoboRana Group consists of several units specialized in their own technology. Together we take care of the customer from start to finish, bringing technology, people, and data together!

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Pioneering in

Business Analysis

Digital Coaching

Knowlegde Graphs


Process Mining

Case Management

Low-Code Application Development

Hybrid AI

Robotic Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation

Intelligent Document Processing

Business Analysis

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For the past 4 months, Jelle joined the low code automation teams, read his journey here.


OutSystems Platform The Benefits

This article will explore the benefits of using OutSystems and why it is a game-changer in the industry.


Webinar IDP

How does intelligent data processing automate and optimize unstructured datasystems?


Welcome Marleen Snaak to our team!

New Manager Operations strengthens and supports team in Woerden

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