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Combining RPA and IDP to assist SGS’s assessment experts

As part of a long-term partnership, we helped SGS to automate part of their ship vetting process using a combination of RPA and IDP technologies

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Automating an elaborate, time-constrained inspection process

SGS, one of our long-term clients, asked us to automate an intensive and often time-constrained procedure. As the world's leading testing, inspection, and certification company, one of their many responsibilities is checking the loads for oil tankers and other bulk cargo ships at ports.

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Combining RPA and IDP in one intelligent robot

Our automation expert started by mapping the entire process and its dependencies to assess the potential for automation. The ship vetting procedure involves parsing information from inspection results on several portal websites, as well as finding key details in comprehensive documents. Based on these results, SGS gives a final assessment, all of which must happen in a limited timeframe.  

Our automation expert used a combination of RPA and IDP technologies to set up a comprehensive robot. Based on incoming email requests, it automatically logs in to several portal sites at once. Then, it gathers, analyzes, and summarizes all the relevant data into one branded report.  

With their new intelligent solution, SGS’s experts can focus on leveraging their expertise in the final assessment, instead of having to spend most of their time scanning reports for the right information. We will help SGS to maintain the robot, which will allow it to keep up with changes to the portal websites.

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  • Reduced average procedure duration from 1 hour to just 10 minutes
  • Reduced workload and stress for SGS’s experts
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Increased operational efficiency
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The robot uses ABBYY Vantage, an IDP tool, to analyze documents and extract relevant information with artificial intelligence. We combined ABBYY Vantage with UiPath’s RPA capabilities to create a largely automated process.

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