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Centralizing internship management with low code

Using the Power Platform, Roboest helped BASF to centralize all information, communication and documentation related to their numerous internships.

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A decentralized system in need of standardization

BASF is the largest chemical producer in the world, with plenty of young professionals interested in joining their workforce. Their Antwerp site offers more than 200 internships annually, but this scale led to fragmented documentation and communication. The low-code experts at Roboest helped BASF to standardize and centralize all information and documents related to internships.

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Centralized information and transparent communication using the Power Platform

To better understand the potential for improvement, our low code experts started by taking a closer look at how internships were organized. Because of the sheer size of BASF's production plant, it features many different departments, each responsible for multiple interns.  

This decentralized nature led to inefficiency, an increased risk of important documents being overlooked, and made it difficult to maintain consistent safety standards. Roboest suggested an end-to-end system that would streamline all internal and external communications related to internships into one centralized platform.

To set up this intelligent solution, our experts leveraged the power of low-code and AI through Microsoft's Power Platform. We set up an intuitive workflow that guided BASF employees throughout the risk assessment process, making it both more elaborate and structured. Thanks to Roboest's low-code expertise, we managed to deliver a complicated setup while keeping development costs down.

We introduced a user-friendly Power App as a central repository for all information and documents related to internships. This included risk assessments, supporting documentation, and department-specific information.  

Then, we used Power Automate to handle the communication aspects so we could ensure a smooth flow of information between the various BASF stakeholders, the interns, and the participating schools. Thanks to the automated communication flows, the required information was delivered faster. This saved the HR department valuable time that would otherwise have been spent on manually reaching out to stakeholders.

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  • Increased centralization through an intelligent end-to-end platform
  • Improved efficiency of the risk assessment process, reducing manual effort
  • Improved collaboration and transparency thanks to streamlined communication
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