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Supporting a gradual automation journey with RPA, and AI

What started as a request for a low-code application has turned into 15 RPA-powered robots covering a wide range of business processes, and the first steps in implementing a comprehensive AI tool.

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Kickstarting an automation journey

Logchies wanted to become an autonomous enterprise and reduce the workload for their employees, so they reached out to us to help them on their automation journey. They are responsible for maintaining and renovating the properties belonging to various associations that provide accessible housing. Logchies has a lot of request forms, work orders, and other documents to process, so they needed intelligent solutions that would leverage their automation potential.

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From humble beginnings to AI-powered innovation

Initially, Logchies asked for our help in developing a portal for subcontractors using low code. As we learned more about the way they worked, we quickly realized that they had a lot of ambition to automate their business but needed some guidance. We recommended them to use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to improve the efficiency of their processes.

We started with a small RPA robot to showcase its potential, which we delivered in just two weeks. Logchies was quickly convinced, and we got permission to scale this robot. Once we had concluded the first robot, we set up many others to support a variety of tasks across departments. Logchies now has around 15 robots that send out mails to customers, handle the invoicing process, synchronize work orders, and more.

Impressed with the performance of their intelligent solutions, Logchies decided to take the next step towards becoming an autonomous enterprise. We are currently helping them to implement an AI tool based on UiPath that will process incoming reports from housing associations, categorize them, and follow up based on the issues listed in the report. In the coming months and years, we’ll help them explore other automation opportunities.

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  • Automation of ca. 20 business processes by 15 RPA-powered robots
  • Increased employee retention by eliminating nearly all tedious manual tasks
  • Enabling Logchies to do much more with the same amount of employees
  • Significant reduction in operational costs
  • Improved customer service through reduced wait times
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