Our Vision for 2024: People, Data, and AI

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2023 was an interesting year in tech, to say the least. Thanks to AI and breakthrough applications like ChatGPT and Copilot, digital transformations are gaining in popularity. However, many companies are still hesitant to embrace it fully. So how do we get everyone on board? By focusing on what's at the heart of every organization: their people and data. In this blog, Mathias Fransen, the founder and managing partner of RoboRana Group, looks back at how we evolved in 2023 and shares our vision for 2024.

Change the World, Start with Yourself

Before we discuss what's in store for 2024 and beyond, let's take a moment to look back. In the past few years, we've grown into a group of entities, each with its own unique expertise, forming a complementary whole. However, we’re not quite there yet when it comes to fully realizing the potential of this constructive collaboration.  

Many companies see us as a provider of specific technologies like low code, process mining or Robotic Process Automation (RPA), but we aim to be more than that. We want to be recognized as a service provider offering an integrated, enterprise-wide approach. We realize that we need a shared purpose within our group, and we’re ready to make that change.

Our first goal for 2024 is to strengthen our foundations and transition into a trust-based ecosystem where collaboration, mutual support, and cross-selling are the norms. This transformation will enable us to fully leverage the complementarity of our services and technologies to serve our clients better.

By supporting our customers company-wide, our intelligent solutions will have more impact and staying power. As an ecosystem, our strength lies in the sum of our parts, so that’s what we'll be working towards in the coming months.

Helping Create Autonomous Enterprises

Today’s businesses need a push, a spark to ignite their digital transformation journey. Many organizations have become like large ships, slow to change course. They’ve spent years focusing on optimizing operational profits and product rollouts, leaving them less flexible to adapt to a market that is changing faster than ever.

That’s where RoboRana steps in. Our mission, our guiding star, is to steer these organizations towards becoming autonomous enterprises. In these kinds of companies, processes are streamlined, modular applications are interconnected via data platforms, and redundant manual processes are automated.  

Autonomous enterprises can swiftly respond to various triggers like staff shortages, inflation, indexations, and macro-economic changes. But it’s not just about quick responses. They also know how to deploy (Gen)AI and innovative technologies to create real, company-wide impact. But let’s be clear: no matter how impressive the technology, humans are still at the heart of it all. We believe in intelligent solutions that empower people, not replace them.

Data-Driven Process Optimization

With our vision as a guide, we pose two fundamental questions to organizations: What business data is crucial for your success, and how can we enhance the processes that set you apart in the marketplace?

For years, data has been hailed as “the new gold.” Yet, it’s surprising how many organizations lack awareness of the data they’re accumulating, where it’s stored, and how it evolves. At RoboRana, we see this as a growth opportunity that we’re keen to explore further: data-driven process optimization. We want to help organizations in understanding their data. With this knowledge, they can optimize their processes and applications, leading to a more efficient and enjoyable work experience.

Putting People at the Heart of Business

This brings us to a crucial aspect of the shift towards an autonomous enterprise: the human element. The people on the shop floor are both the driving force and a potential barrier in this transformation. Convincing them of the added value of technology and digitization is key to getting things moving. Changing their mindset requires more than just accessible tech. It calls for the adoption of a people-centric business model. It might seem ironic, but it’s true. While the customer is king for all companies, the internal employees are equally important. Without them, customer satisfaction is at risk.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are shifting our focus away from quick wins. Instead of diving straight into a specific technology, we want to collaborate with businesses to rethink their way of working. Our aim is to achieve the greatest impact across the company. This isn’t an easy task. In 2023, businesses still expected results too quickly. The choice often fell on a quick win that benefited a few, while taking a step back to look at the bigger picture could have created an impact for the entire organization.  

Unfortunately, the thought of approval processes, wait times, and larger budgets still makes many people shudder, even if the result is well worth it. Changing this mindset will be crucial. Change management will become indispensable in 2024 for anyone ready to embrace digital transformation.

Embracing the Scalability of AI

The rapid advancement of AI is a marvel to behold. Everyone seems eager to experiment with AI, but without a clear vision, scaling these initiatives into a product or solution that can create a company-wide impact remains a challenge. Creating a chatbot is not exactly rocket science anymore, but these kinds of tools often end up on the periphery of organizations. The real challenge lies in how companies can scale technology sustainably to enhance the connections between their customers, suppliers, and employees.

There’s no doubt that much will be written about the scalability of AI. Questions are already being asked about the intelligence of AI a decade from now. How will we assess such power? Will we still be able to understand, control, and leverage that intellect? Even then, the agility of people and organizations will decide who will resist change and who will ride the wave of technological power.

As we look ahead, we at RoboRana are excited about the possibilities that lie before us. We’re committed to helping organizations navigate their digital transformations by focusing on people, data, and intelligent solutions. We believe in the power of an autonomous enterprise, and we’re ready to guide you towards that future as an aligned whole. Here’s to a transformative 2024, both for ourselves and your organization!

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