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Profile Picture of Emma Van Coillie, Business Analyst at Humain, active in Belgium.
Emma Van Coillie
Are you the type that likes to cross things off your to-do list? In that case, you’ll get along great with Emma Van Coillie, one of the newest members of the RoboRana family! Whether it's organizing computer folders with precision or breaking down complex tasks into manageable steps, she’s all about lean processes. This mindset led her to a career of simplifying workflows and improving clarity for customers and, even more importantly, for end users. Let’s see what Emma is like!

Hi Emma! Could you introduce yourself?

Certainly! I proudly hold a bachelor’s degree in network economics from HoWest and a master’s degree in business process management from UHasselt. I kicked off my career at Salesforce, and now, I'm thrilled to share my adventures from the first few months here at RoboRana!

Great! How did you end up at RoboRana?

Well, the allure of RoboRana was simply too great to resist. A place where cutting-edge technology intermingled meets my process-oriented thinking? Sounds great! I was fascinated by the array of tech tools they use: low code, process mining, RPA, and AI. By combining these, we can figure out endless possibilities to change the way people work.

My time at RoboRana has been a whirlwind of activities: getting to know the organization, exploring the technologies within our ecosystem, diving into customer-facing tasks, and gearing up to support my first customer. I've also been collecting certifications, including one in Azure, to deepen my knowledge.

What is currently on your plate?

Right now, I’m on a mission to guide my client through their Azure environment and costs, so we can transfer ownership back to the application users. I'm gaining a lot of hands-on experience, from debugging Python code to working with tools like Synthesia (I'm now certified in that too) and delving into the backend of Power BI, like connecting to APIs and SQL servers.

It’s been a mix of insightful interactions, starting with a welcoming team that is always ready to help a newbie like me! I feel most comfortable in an environment where open communication is the norm, and mutual support is ingrained in the culture. I felt a sense of belonging at Humain in particular, who focus on the power of AI and hyperautomation. Our monthly team meetings are inclusive spaces where everyone has a voice and can suggest improvements, be it at the project or company level.  

The RoboRana Group has added another layer to that experience. I've attended quite a few of our social events after work. These are the perfect opportunity to connect with colleagues outside of Humain, expand my network, and deepen my product knowledge.

Great to hear! What about the future?

Looking ahead, I'm eager to dive into the many technical platforms that RoboRana offers. I love it when these different technologies come together in a single project. I believe the true value of technology lies in the hands of those who use it. Co-creating solutions with consumers and empowering them to take responsibility – that's where RoboRana truly shines!

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