Welcome Marleen Snaak to our team!

With Marleen Snaak we welcome for the first time a Manager Operations to the team in Woerden (Utrecht). With her years of experience, Marleen will work to build and fill this new position from scratch. Although her duties are not yet fully defined, she will combine HR, marketing and administration.

Marleen studied commerce and economics and entered the telemarketing industry after her internship. After building up a great deal of experience in marketing and sales, she switched to EsperantoXL in2009, where she eventually advanced from Office Manager to Operations Manager.She now assumes that position at the Dutch branch of RoboRana.

Focus on the team

As Manager Operations, Marleen mainly supports the rest of the team in the Netherlands from the background. She does this by listening to what her colleagues need to be able to perform their jobs optimally, ranging from administrative matters to fun outings or a good conversation. By providing those prerequisites, as Manager of Operations she creates an environment in which the team is able to do what they do best:adding value for the customer.

Since RoboRana employs a lot of young talent in the Netherlands, Marleen has noticed a difference in focus between the different generations since she started at the beginning of this month:"Young people don't just want a good salary, they also want a chance to develop themselves and to help think about the strategy and future prospects within the organization. In our conversations, I therefore pay extra attention to what they want to get out of it for themselves and what value they want to add to RoboRana."

Opportunities and challenges

After fourteen years at EsperantoXL,Marleen was ready for a new challenge. The move to RoboRana offered not only a lot of new opportunities, but also unknown challenges. Since the position did not exist before, the Operations Manager gets the chance to start from scratch.

"I get enormous energy from seeing the people around me grow. I therefore think it is fantastic to have the opportunity to expand within the Dutch market, under the umbrella of RoboRana Group,"says Marleen. "The way the ecosystem is built offers a wide range of opportunities for everyone who is part of it."

Roel Hoeks
Managing Partner RoboRana Group NL
May 1, 2023

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