Thijs' journey at RoboRana

Let's come straight to the point: you can call Thijs' internship course anything but commonplace. During his first internship COVID-19 made his entrance. Thijs was forced to terminate the traineeship, looked for a new one, and luckily ended up at RoboRana. A challenge in which he could fully delve into the interesting world of Business Process Management (BPM) technology.

An Unusual Journey Leading to RoboRana

As for many, COVID-19 has caused things to turn out differently than initially planned. Thijs, a Business Economics student at the University of Ghent (specialization Informatics and Management), started his apprenticeship at Agfa HealthCare. But due to the current COVID-19 situation, the internship was terminated prematurely. As Agfa HealthCare wasn't able to provide an alternative remote assignment, Thijs was forced to look for a new traineeship.

Analyzing the different internship assignments as presented by UGent, the proposals of RoboRana stood immediately out: comparing low code platforms or executing a comparative study of Business Process Management tools. Thijs was immediately convinced and chose to investigate the world of intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS).

Research on the rapid evolving Business Process Management Suites

During his remote internship, Thijs' focus was mainly on doing research. Analyzing the role and impact of Business Process Management tools within 'hyper automation', and figuring out how a BPM implementation process works. The starting point of this study involved a product comparison: identifying the key players in the area of BPM/Case Management and determining the pros and cons for each solution. Thijs was expected to write an extensive report that would be finally presented to the RoboRana team.

The product comparison was based on various parameters, which were defined in agreement with the RoboRana team.

  • User-friendliness
  • Comprehensive capabilities
  • Application architecture (implementation possibilities and security)
  • Integration opportunities

Thijs' main conclusion is that BPM tooling plays a crucial role in 'hyper automation' platforms, let's say the real backbone. Without good and adequate process orchestration and case management, the many benefits of process automation are somehow undermined.

Educational and Solid Work Environment

Although Thijs has spent most of his time working from home, he can still say RoboRana is a very good and educational playground for trainees. Mathias and Ruben, both team lead at RoboRana, provided an adequate guidance, always available for questions. On top, Thijs got a lot of opportunity to feedback with the whole team. It might be clear that this is the right way to handle an internship. Making sure that interns are able to gain a lot of knowledge and expertise and providing them sufficient space for own contribution and independence.

Mathias Fransen about Thijs' internship: "Thijs is a very eager and quick learner who has a solid appetite for curiosity and business process insights. I personally enjoyed our brainstorm sessions about the future of process automation. Go be great!"

In addition, the RoboRana team is a close and welcoming team, consisting of real experts who all perform their jobs with passion. There are regular informal team calls, which enforce the nice atmosphere and various initiatives are organized to strengthen the team spirit. Now admit, what do you want more?

Triggered to do an internship at RoboRana? Check out our various opportunities and let's talk! 🐸

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June 24, 2020

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