Ruben's Road to RPA

"For as long as I can remember, I've been intrigued by numbers and companies. A career in accountancy seemed like the logical next step. During my first job experience, the company I worked for was in the middle of its digital transformation process. My first steps into the wonderful world of automation had been taken! At my second job, I got the chance to take the lead in the set-up of a brand-new internal RPA-program. Soon I discovered my passion for the optimization and automation of business processes. A career in RPA technology was born!"

Ruben and RPA: a perfect match

After gaining some first experiences in the world of RPA, it was perfectly clear to Ruben that he wanted to build a career in the technology. With the mission of taking his RPA experience to the next level in an organization where he would be able to grow his RPA skills but also turn his entrepreneurial ambitions into reality, Ruben bumped into RoboRana. "RoboRana is in a transmission from start-up to scale-up, which makes them a trending topic in the RPA landscape." Ruben starts. "We look at the essence of an organization, their core business, and how automation can be of added value to this essence. Companies don't feel the need to automate, their needs arise from the wish of process optimization. When we go back to the core of the need to optimize business processes, we are able to deliver end-to-end business solutions. This way, we are able to deliver high end quality solutions, enabling customers to focus on their core business."

For example: the police. Their tasks' essence is to catch criminals. But how does automation contribute to this mission? We always start by asking these questions instead of looking for a solution in terms of process automation.

RPA as a service

This means organizations don't have to set up a complete platform in their optimization process. This results in lower entry barriers for clients who want to start with automated solutions. RoboRana takes care of the hosting, the set-up, the maintenance and the monitoring of these solutions. This way, companies don't have to pay large infrastructure costs, which makes the service much more accessible. For example, when organizations only want to automate one process, there is no need to set up an entire platform and build a whole infrastructure. Like that, cost efficient automations can be implemented.

What working at RoboRana looks like for Ruben

Today, Ruben is already working six months for RoboRana. He started as a Robotics Team Lead, where it was his responsibility to guide the whole process from presales to the delivery of robotics projects and the expanding the UiPath offering in particular. As RoboRana is the only official UiPath gold partner in Belgium, this entails lots of privileges but also lots of challenges in the field of account management and project delivery.

Next to his role as a Robotics Team Lead, Ruben also got the chance to think along a new business strategy for RoboRana, contribute to the elaboration of the platform and support in the implementation of durable business structure. "As I was part of the transition from start-up to scale-up, I got the chance to play an active role in RoboRana's future vision", he says, "We get the space to expand our knowledge all the time and to jump on everything new."

A unique team

Ruben believes in the power of a strong team, which he definitely found at RoboRana: "The huge internal expertise and the many courses we are able to follow is what makes the team so strong. We all are passionate about technology, it's our nature to grow in new technologies and encourage each other in doing so. Every month we gather in these technical sessions where everybody gets the chance to share their knowledge or talk about their project."

His conclusion: "You end up in a group that is nearly unseen in terms of atmosphere and togetherness, which also translates into the way we work."

Ready to join the robotic revolution and to join Ruben in his mission? 🐸

Ruben Vermaercke
Managing Partner Caudata
March 23, 2020

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