The relevance and added value of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is beyond dispute. The automation of simple and routine tasks, translates in the reduction of operational costs, time use efficiency and streamlined business operations. But… opting for RPA is one thing, implementing and scaling it adequately on the other hand is not that easy. Despite the good efforts, we still see many companies struggling with the initial investment, license management, infrastructure hidden costs and setup, business cases, process discovery and roll out of a robotic factory.

We believe that our offering RPA-as-a-Service, for short RPAaaS can help to mitigate the steep scaling hurdles.

Why RPA-as-a-Service is absolutely a win-win for everyone

We see very often that small and medium-sized companies really want to commit to Robotic Process Automation. However, in most cases there’s lack of time, an adequate taskforce, infrastructure and internal knowledge and expertise. This doesn’t mean our RPAaaS offering doesn’t suit the big enterprises. Some companies simply do not want to invest time and resources in RPA, which makes sense. You only want to have the advantages and the return on investment without making big infrastructure and license investments. To provide an answer on the changing market perception and the budget cuts (also due to the Covid-19 economical crisis), we decided to introduce a full, flexible and easy scaleable Robotic Process Automation as a Service solution.Triggered? Go on reading!

What is Robotics as a Service and what does it mean for your company?

In short, you get all the advantages of RPA without executing, controlling, maintaining, hosting it by yourself. You decide which processes and tasks you aim to automate and which capacity is required. RoboRana RPAaaS solution takes care of the rest!

Our offer consists of the following aspects:

  • Licensing
  • Set-up a secure infrastructure
  • Maintenance
  • Coordination of platform updates
  • Monitoring of the bot performance
  • Reporting of metrics and results
  • Managed services

On top, our RPAaaS offering is cost effective and transparent. You get what you paid for, no hidden costs. By mutual agreement we decide the amount of processes to be automated and which capacity is required. We provide a tailored solution in line with the different needs of the organization which is easy scalable for a monthly fee (can be interesting as an Opex cost instead of Capex).

Interested? Get in touch!

It might be clear that RPA-as-a-Service is a story of many benefits leading to cost effectiveness. While you are growing the internal automation mindset, your bot needs can grow alongside and aligned with your pace. Automation and digitalization are both crucial in these rapid evolving times. Make sure you approach, transform and implement it in a resilient and future proof manner that it is ready to withstand any crisis.

Curious to find out more about this offering? Don’t hesitate to get in touch and let’s have a talk!

Ruben Vermaercke
Managing Partner Caudata
June 11, 2020

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