RoboRana's New Year's Resolutions 2022

RoboRana's New Year's Resolutions 2022

Don't forget the people and processes in your journey towards low code automation.


If there is one takeaway from 2020 for me, it's that the pandemic has made companies and organizations finally and thoroughly realize their need for digitalization and process automation. As people work from home, many internal business processes remain the same and need managing. A recent McKinsey survey among 800 business executives showed that 67% have accelerated artificial intelligence and process automation initiatives. Even more so, companies have experienced that they can adopt new technologies way faster than they thought. It definitely tastes like more.

It's clear that organizations are willing to invest in digital technologies. For 2021, one of upcoming technologies will surely be low code process automation tooling. Low code allows business users with little technical expertise to develop apps and automate processes, which in turn enables organizations to shorten their time to market, reduce costs and make adjustments to processes more quickly to meet user needs better. According to Gartner, by 2024, no less than 65% of all app development will be done using low code platforms.

Don't forget the underlying business process

Beware! Low code may sound simple, its complexity is not to be underestimated. It's still code, so technical prowess and expertise are needed to be able to build strong applications and resilient business flows. At RoboRana, we are ready to guide and coach you in terms of Low Code Process Automation.

This is where we set ourselves apart at RoboRana. Many low code tooling solutions merely focus on the front-end of applications and integrations - the aspect that the user gets to see and experience. The same can be said for a lot of companies who use low code only to tackle specific and often isolated customer challenges or automate specific standalone processes. We go beyond that. We'll build you that new business application surely, but even more so, we'll start at process level and then use low code solutions to really improve, speed up and automate entire business processes including the front screens if required. Starting from the business process allows us to redesign, optimize and automate full end-to-end processes.

Partner technologies

Besides front-end application development, our low code platforms also involve essential skills like Process Orchestration, Case Management, Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence and more, which enable true digital transformation of business processes. Based on the full-scale capabilities needed in any Low Code platform, we have carefully selected our powerful Low Code partners such as Appian, IBM Cloud Pak for Automation and Microsoft Power platform. We also see that our market leading RPA partners like UiPath, Blue Prism and Automation Anywhere have embarked on a race to catch up with other automation platforms to not only tackle tasks via the user screens but also allow end-to-end process automation with human in the loop capabilities. Eventually, they are all evolving to the same goal: bringing people, processes and technology together!

Toolbox for productivity and efficiency

We want companies to have the time to really dedicate themselves to their core activities. Our mission is to deliver the best integrated solutions with the newest technologies to generate a powerful and future proof digital process automation. This flexible and scalable principle of combining the right solutions from our digital automation toolbox allows for exceptional productivity and process efficiency organization-wide.

For organizations embarking on the journey of low code and process automation, it's imperative they don't forget their human capital. My advice is: don't forget your people. While technology is an enabler, the people remain the success factor. Low code or not, this technology still requires familiarization. Change management is crucial, so invest in the guidance and training of your people to help them do so.

At RoboRana, we are the partner to accompany you on that journey. We are ready to support you in embracing and embedding low code technology in your organization, while moving towards an automation mindset enabling smart, flexible and integrated solutions and paying attention to a people-centric workplace and a customer-centric approach. Let's automate together in 2021!

Mathias Fransen
Managing Partner & Founder RoboRana
December 28, 2021

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