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One plus one equals three. A statement that applies only too well to the birth of RoboRana NL. As soon as RoboRana BE en EsperantoXL got in touch with each other, it became clear there was a real success story in the works. A story in which a fondness for Hyper Automation is central. Discover the full history!

How RoboRana NL Came to Be

To get the full story behind RoboRana NL, we have to go a long way back. Roel Hoeks, managing partner of RoboRana NL as well as EsperantoXL, had his first experiences with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) back in 2008. During that period, he was involved in a number of projects for large banking institutions, in which he migrated customer data using RPA processes. Due to great success, he also started implementing this for several day-to-day banking activities, resulting in a robot farm consisting over 60 processes. Roel was determined to go on with this, and decided to partner with UiPath.

At that same time, Roel got in touch with Mathias Fransen, managing partner of RoboRana BE. They both decided to join forces and collaborated on several projects. On top, Roel hired some employees from RoboRana BE to give several in-house training sessions and to provide support for some of the existing EsperantoXL customers. From the very beginning it was clear that there was a tremendous fit between the two organizations, and they way they’re approaching Intelligent Automation.

Roel and Mathias went to see how they could intensify their cooperation. Since RoboRana BE was specialized in Intelligent Automation and EsperantoXL got profound know-how on No-code development, a structural collaboration was inevitable . And that’s how RoboRana NL came into being. A real competence center, in which both parties benefit from each others resources, knowledge and expertise.

Combining the Best of Several Worlds

Helping organizations transform data- intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs and improve customer experience, combining Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Cognitive Solutions. That’s how you could briefly summarize the key objectives of RoboRana NL.

RoboRana NL aims to play a pioneering role in the field of Hyper Automation, combining several aspects such as Robotic Process Automation, Process Intelligence, Business Process Management and Process Insights. In short, translating Hyper Automation into Intelligent Automation end-to-end-solutions. By means of this, RoboRana NL wants to act as a real competence center. Currently, some employees of EsperantoXL have already joined the RoboRana NL team, and now it is the intention to further expand the workforce.

Fascination for New Technologies Is Primordial

For now, RoboRana NL is looking for people who are really passionate about all things related to intelligent automation, people who truly believe that you can create relevant end-to-end solutions for your customers using different technologies.

The ideal employee of Roborana NL is someone who…

  • … is curious about new technologies and is eager to do some research on it.
  • … is able to translate new technologies into valuable customer solutions.
  • … has the ambition to help RoboRana NL grow to become the market player in the field of Intelligent Automation.
  • … always wants to keep on learning, always wants to develop himself.
  • … has the guts to come up with surprising insights.

Triggered? Motivated to join our robotic revolution and write a success story together? Check out our current job offerings and let’s talk!

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July 23, 2020

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