RoboRana Group expands toolkit

Intelligent automation specialist RoboRana and integration and workflow automation platform Workato are joining forces for anew partnership. By leveraging RoboRana expertise, Workato will be able to integrate business applications even faster and automate entire business processes within organizations. RoboRana thus further expands its toolbox with another automation platform. This allows RoboRana to offer an ever wider range of tools to its customers.

American-originated Workato helps organizations automate business workflows between cloud and on-premise apps. Workato is considered aLeader in the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise iPAAS (integration platform as as ervice) by Gartner. The platform is valued for its ease of use and numerous features and has already proven its value on several occasions.

Automating information flows

Workato's integration platform can easily automate information flows within and between different processes and applications, using so-called ‘recipes’. This is done at the API level rather than at the user-interface level. Automations are therefore simple, scalable, and quick to set up.


In total, Workato has more than 1,500 connectors to quickly develop ‘recipes’, and new connectors are added regularly. It can be compared to a recipe: adding the right ingredients at the right time creates a finished and delicious dish.

Intuitive integration

Roel Hoeks, as managing partner of RoboRana Netherlands, was at the helm of the collaboration discussions and sees a lot of potential in Workato's intuitive integration.

"Workato's iPAAS platform is a nice addition to be used along side Robotic Process Automation. By combining automation and integration, we can now automate end-to-end processes even faster. Because both Workato and RoboRana are very adept at low/no-code platforms, the automation of information flows within processes is very intuitive. The iPaaS platform fits perfectly into our low/no-code strategy with which we enable the business to help automate its own processes," said Roel Hoeks of RoboRana Group

 "We are tremendously excited to partner with RoboRana to thereby deliver an intuitive, more seamless end-to-end automation process to customers looking to further digitally transform their businesses," said Robert Ekstrom, VP, and general manager of EMEA at Workato. "Partnering with RoboRana, a leader in intelligent automation, will help expand Workato's position in the region, bringing our low-code/no-code platform to organizations looking to realize their fullintegration and automation potential."

RoboRana Group is a fast-growing and innovative company and specialist in the field of process optimization and automation that includes process data. Helping organizations transform data-intensive business processes, reduce manual work and errors, minimize costs, and improve customer experience through low-code platforms. By using data, the right objective insights can be gained from customer processes. These insights fuel actions to improve processes. Not the technology, but the customer is central.

As a leader in the integration and business automation, Workato helps organizations work faster and smarter without compromising security and governance. Built for both business and IT users, Workato is trusted by more than 17,000 of the world's top brands, including Broadcom, Atlassian and Box.

Roel Hoeks
Managing Partner RoboRana Group NL
January 18, 2023

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