My experience at Outsystems NextStep 2022

NextStep EXPERIENCE Belgium by OutSystems is back, and better than ever before!

It’s clear that low-code is becoming a general trend for companies who are looking for an end-to-end automation solution! With the robustly growing partners and customer market, the Belgian customer is becoming more aware of the power that low-code has to offer. The ability for business users (citizen development) to develop, strengthen and accelerate custom development close to your IT teams, creates an ideal work environment. Breaking the boundaries between silos and departments and generating fast growth.

Yearly OutSystems invites its national partners to join them in an informational and networking event. The goal? To share knowledge about the platform, such as new functionalities, goals for the next year, and much more! This year I had the chance to join the low-code OutSystems tribe together with my low-code-minded coworkers Simon and Viktor!

If you were not able to join, no worries, here is what you must remember going into 2023!

Paul Rosado, CEO of OutSystems, took the stage introducing some of their main Belgian clients. Talking about their low-code journey with great use cases.

NOS is a Portuguese telecommunications and media company using OutSystems since the very beginning. Over the years NOS has created multiple web and mobile applications and has an incredible timeline of different projects made with OutSystems.

Find out more about their journey!

Next, Wesley Van Cleempoel, IT director of Duvel, was invited on stage. Presenting the history of Duvel and the way they’ve integratedOutSystems within their international IT environment. He highlighted some pains, but more importantly, how the implementation has run throughout the years. After 3 years, Outsystems is completely built-in, which saved a great amountof money by making their applications in Outsystems.

Read more about this case. 

And as always, the best is saved for last: LINEAS, a freight transportator by train, was awarded the OutSystems Innovation award. With their Golden Triangle innovation project they realized a shift towards decarbonization & sustainability. An impressive story by Mark Geuens about how this modal shift can be achieved in a complex and conservative market as the railway sector.

More info on this case here (Dutch).

The highlight of the day was the announcement of StefVermeulen, Regional Channel Manager. Announcing the recent partnership betweenOutSystems and UiPath!

This collaboration between these two Low-codeProviders creates great possibilities for users and companies to handle automation faster and in a more efficient way! Enabling the use of industry-leading RPA and low-code technology to deliver greater productivity and operational efficiency while lowering risk!

Another development is the new cloud-native development solution, OutSystems Developer Cloud (ODC), a new solution that combines state-of-the-art cloud architecture, elite-level CI/CD, enterprise-grade security, and unmatched productivity for building cloud-native applications that scale to tens of millions of users.

It is clear to say, low-code is here to stay.

Thanks, OutSystems for this inspiring day! Ready for a year filled with “high-performance low-code”! application development!

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November 24, 2022

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