My kick-start at RoboRana

Let me first introduce myself: I am Melvin September, an applied computer science graduate from Odisee. In this blog, I guide you through my first month.

How RoboRana came into the picture.

After graduating from Odisee this summer, I wasn’t initially looking for a job and began a preparatory program “Master of electronics and ICT engineering technology” at KULeuven. Whilst studying this new program, I received an interesting message on LinkedIn. The header of the message was:

“RoboRana, the intelligent way of working, are you interested?”

A sentence that triggered me to find out more about RoboRana. I found that RoboRana Group consisted of an ecosystem, 6 entities each specialized in its own technology. And I got introduced to Roboest and Codux, both experts in low-code application development with platforms such as the Microsoft Power Platform, OutSystems, and Appian.

The choice was easily made. OutSystems was a platform that I had recently discovered during a guest lecture. The possibilities the platform offered triggered me. So, Codux it was!

The start of a new chapter.

Day one, time to meet my team & get familiar with the possibilities of OutSystems. A course was provided by Codux to discover it all!

In the first week I was able to finish 5 courses! Time flew by, here is what I did:

  • Becoming a Reactive Web Developer
  • Becoming a Traditional Web Developer
  • Becoming a Mobile Developer
  • Architecting Sustainable Applications
  • Outsystems Developer Cloud (ODC)

Throughout this learning fase, I fell more and more in love with low-code on how it makes a developer's life easier. Outsystems lets you build applications at top speed by using out-of-the-box accelerators and limiting the need of writing out everything in code by using drag & drop widgets. Although I have a background in coding, I noticed OutSystems gave me, as a developer, the ability to focus on the logic and business requirements that the application needed.

I quickly noticed that my knowledge was growing vastly. I was able to build my first Reactive Web application for a fully automated webshop case, within my first 2 weeks, can you believe it?

This way, I attained my first certification “Reactive Web Developer Associate” with enough knowledge. After passing the exam, I received another voucher to plan for certification. I chose “Security Specialist”. I am proud to say that I have obtained the certification with success. (92%)

What will the future bring me?

The first Outsystems project under the name of Codux is being set up right now! This project is a cross-collaboration between two entities of the RoboRana Group, Humain (Business Analysts), and my own entity Codux (Low code development). A roll that I will be talking upon me! I am excited and can’t wait to start developing for our client!

Do you have any questions after reading this blog post or are you ready to start as a low-code engineer at RoboRana? Be sure to let us know!

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January 11, 2023

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