Low-code Process Automation

Digital-first strategies: they have become increasingly necessary over the last few years, and it is needless to say that since the pandemic kicked off, even government agencies felt the need for a drastic change. Amid the uncertainty of the global crisis, a mindset shift occurred as working remotely forced us to incorporate more connectivity and centralization. This, of course, should go hand in hand with an effective digital transformation strategy.

To cut to the chase, we believe the answer for more agile government operations is low-code process automation. This kind of technology can act as a true enabler by augmenting government staff’s capabilities. Moreover, it can streamline and transform mission-critical processes in a very short amount of time.

We believe process optimization and hyperautomation should be a key part of governments’ day-to-day operations. In this article, we will explain why an intelligent and low-code automation toolbox is indispensable for government agencies.

Hyperautomation — Governments’ Soon-To-Be Favorite Toolbox

From lower-level to mission-critical processes

Low-code has grown rapidly in the last couple of years. Whereas RoboRana began as a purely Robotic Process Automation (RPA) integrator, we shifted toward a more overarching strategy — Hyperautomation. This strategy involves combining process automation tools with artificial intelligence, for instance machine learning and natural language processing, and business process management principles, to obtain the most effective and efficient end-to-end solution. We have evolved towards a holistic end-to-end approach where we apply different automation skills to create a robust, long-term and completely redefined automated process.

Where people mainly used low-code for lower-level, back office applications in the past, a hyperautomation or intelligent automation tool stack can easily turn a tedious, mission-critical task into a more efficient, automated process. The best part? You will not drain your staff and free up time for them to work on more important tasks.

At RoboRana, we believe you should use technology to give your clients better service and give your people more value-adding time. By doing this with low-code development, you can change a slow, bureaucratic agency into a flexible and actionable operation. — Mathias Fransen, Managing Partner

Right tool, right time, right place

A low-code automation platform can reduce costs, increase efficiency, speed up application development time, and much more. The benefits are clear. However, in order to maximize outcomes, it is of crucial importance to use the right tool for the right use case.

In the case of government agencies, a single platform is needed to manage the entire organization from one place. Moreover, agencies need to be able to modernize their operations and systems in a flexible but sustainable way.

We believe such a tool could be Appian. As Hyperautomation evangelists, we cannot ignore Appian’s ability to orchestrate people, systems, data, bots, and artificial intelligence into a single workflow — exactly what the government needs. With zero-code integrations, pre-built connectors, and RPA to access legacy systems, any mission-critical process can be transformed.

We realize that governments have data everywhere, and when migrating and changing up processes, no disruption in service can be tolerated. The beauty of tools like Appian is that the end-user will never know the difference. While you are transforming your entire organization, your end-user will never even notice, and your staff will be unburdened. Win-win.

Using in-house capabilities

The name low-code hints at it already: the barrier to entry is much lower. Barely any traditional coding languages are needed to make applications work, so government agencies have the flexibility to leverage non-traditional — and maybe even already in-house — developers.

Even though your designated staff will need technical acumen to build something from scratch, it is possible. Low-code enables a more structured approach. At RoboRana, we can teach your staff to embrace low-code with our automation boot camps, or we can get you started with a first low-code project to show the technology’s worth.

The end of building custom code — and hoping it miraculously works — is over. By using low-code, a production-ready application will be built much faster than a traditional one. And it will be just as performant. We promise.

Want to reach out to us and challenge us with your use case? Schedule a call 📞 or send us an email 📩.

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August 26, 2021

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