Jelle's internship at RoboRana

Today I'd like to take you on the journey through my unforgettable internship experience at RoboRana. Three months ago, as a student business administration Management en IT, I embarked on this exciting adventure and was ready to dive into the world of low-code tools like OutSystems and UiPath.

The main goal of my internship was clear: to master the art of using OutSystems and UiPath individually and explore the endless possibilities of combining these two powerful low-code platforms within a tight timeframe of 11 weeks. But hey, I love challenges, and I was determined to give it my all.

For the first five weeks, I immersed myself in the world of UiPath and discovered its features and capabilities. After that, it was time to put OutSystems into practice. This gave me a clear understanding of low-code tools and set the stage for exciting use cases to come. It was time to showcase my skills - a demo project for a valued RoboRana customer. Under the guidance of Max Dugardyn, we set out to bring this system to life.

One of the outstanding aspects of RoboRana that stood out to me during my internship was the incredible family atmosphere. From day one, I felt the warmth and friendship that permeated the company culture. No question was too trivial for my colleagues at RoboRana - they always made time in their busy schedules to help me and provide valuable insight.

In fact, I've become such a passionate advocate of this internship that I've already recommended RoboRana to everyone I know. Believe me, when a company fosters a family environment where knowledge sharing and support are a given, it's a clear sign of an exceptional internship program.

So there you have it - the story of my internship adventure at RoboRana. It has been a whirlwind of learning, growth, and making lasting connections. I'm so grateful for this opportunity and the incredible team that made it all possible.

If you're looking for an internship that combines a great learning experience with a real sense of belonging, RoboRana is the place for you. Trust me, you'll not regret this decision.

Jelle De Geyter
Intern at RoboRana Group
July 3, 2023

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