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Finding innovative ways to do more, better, with less, is nothing new when it comes to gaining a competitive advantage and sustaining growth as a business. What does continuously change is the toolset and possibilities to achieve this. Intelligent Process Automation comes down to creatively integrating innovative technologies on a process level. Doing this has become a non-negotiable to ensure a — preferably bright — business future. However, as the rate of innovations and disruptions accelerates exponentially, harnessing these technologies in a useful way for your organization can become a daunting, confusing and unnecessarily expensive challenge where it often becomes hard to see the forest for the trees.

That is why Humain and RoboRana have decided to partner up to realize an approach that keeps our clients in the driver's seat while becoming an exponential organization. We call it the flywheel approach.

Humain helps clients define a shared vision around the integration of technologies tailored to their people and processes. When a shared vision is defined, small intelligent process automation opportunities that clearly fit within this vision are spotted and implemented together with RoboRana. After initial first success on low risk, high reward steps, Humain helps to recalibrate the vision on the work done through creative, engaging and world-class intelligent process automation workshops. These workshops lead to bigger process automation projects which our clients understand and wants, since they have helped shape them. Based on our previous successes with less risk of failure or staying stuck in the POC phase, we implement bigger projects and help our clients get to exponential, faster, better and safer.

What is an exponential organization and why should yours aspire to be one?

An Exponential Organization (EXO) is an organization that is able to leverage technology in such a way that it can grow with that technology's exponential price/performance increase. It's what enables Airbnb to add 30.000 rooms in a week and why Marriott cannot do the same (yet). It's what makes Amazon know what you want to buy before you do and a brick-and-mortar retailer not (yet).

These Exponential Organizations are setting, and obviously upping, the pace at which business is done. Intensified competition, talent wars and an ever-increasing risk of disruption are some of the consequences of the rise of exponential organizations. Of course, none of these challenges are insurmountable, but you need a clear operating framework that gives a possibility to keep up with this exponential pace. Our flywheel incorporates multiple of these frameworks that create an exponential mindset that we can get to work on with sequentially bigger steps.

Death to the 5-year roadmap! Long live speed, experimentation and bottom-up innovation

The technology space simply moves too quickly to be able to accurately predict where to be in 5 years. Your chances of severely underutilizing the net potential of the future state-of-the-art are massive if you draw out a plan for the next 5 years. So why even bother drawing it out? Ideal timelines are between 6 months to an absolute max of 3 years.

In our flywheel approach, we are able to accommodate the demand to move quickly and always maximize the potential use of the technologies within Intelligent Automation toolbox. Whether it is RPA, BPM, low-code, AI or the next enabling technology, we're able to help our clients. By following our four steps, which are Observe, Orient, Decide and Act, in short loops of workshops and implementation sprints, we start small. Eventually, our flywheel develops into something bigger and better with exponentially increasing value.

Would you hire a consultant if you're trying to lose 10kg?

Of course, implementing technology is not just about maximizing the utility of the state of the art. It is also, and maybe even more so, about people. And with that, it is our nature to resist change.

That is why, through this partnership, instead of a purely consulting approach, we really use our workshops to create a clear view on the possibilities and implications and give handles to manage the paradigm shift that comes from implementing intelligent process automation. We try to co-create as much as possible through these workshops such that change is introduced in harmony with the company DNA. The goal here is to empower people and change the question from: "Is Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) going to take my job?" to "How is intelligent automation going to change my job?"

Visioneering = Engineering with a Vision

Too often proof of concepts remains just that. A proof of concept. Never really fully realizing its potential, unfortunately.

Through our flywheel approach, starting with a clearly set out, shared, bigger vision the smaller projects and POCs make sense in a bigger strategy. This allows us to push beyond proof of concepts, continuously and structurally incorporating our learnings from these gradually bigger steps.

Together, Humain and RoboRana aim to deliver a flywheel that helps clients move beyond proof of concepts faster, better and safer than they thought possible. We create a clearly defined mindset ready to tackle the challenge of the modern workplace including people and processes.

Interested to learn more? Jump on an introductory workshop or start a little smaller with a call by e-mailing us at or 😉

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October 29, 2020

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