Onur's story about RPA

With a passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and business efficiency, Onur was soon intrigued by Robotics and RPA after graduating in Applied Economic Sciences. From the very beginning of his career, he was convinced of the fact that there are many unexplored opportunities for organizations in the field of process optimization and automation. Opportunities that lead to both cost efficiency and time savings. With this belief in mind, Onur found his way to RoboRana.

The Benefits Of Robotics

After a first experience with Robotics within the utilities sector, Onur had no doubts left: Robotics and RPA offer a clear answer for organizations which are ready to welcome virtual workforces to the team. "I quickly noticed that our customers, some big enterprises we worked with, had a strong need for process improvement, operational speed and process structure. It fascinated me enormously that Robotics and RPA could offer a remedy for this.", Onur starts. "That's why my interest grew in the ever evolving technology. The possibilities are endless!"

At that point, Onur was sure he wanted to build his professional career in RPA- technology. "I always wanted to work for a startup. When RoboRana came my way, I didn't hesitate for a second! I've been working at RoboRana for two years now. I can support our customers helping them to reach more efficiency, productivity while decreasing the frustrating manual administrative tasks. Started as the sixth employee within RoboRana, our team has now expanded to a workforce of more than 35. The growth is exponential and the drive for quality, the start-up mentality, enthusiasm, urge to add value to customers every day, is still key." On top, RoboRana already worked with the RPA tool UiPath, but not with Blue Prism. A perfect opportunity for Onur to put Blue Prism on the map together with RoboRana!

"The essence of my job is to support customers in their drive for greater efficiency using the Blue Prism RPA tool.", Onur explains. "Blue Prism is appropriate for business users as it is visually very strong. The tool enables customers to connect their human workforce with the capabilities of today's digital workforce in order to generate outcomes with greater speed, agility, accuracy, and efficiency."m>

The Power Of Knowledge Sharing

Onur's passion for entrepreneurship and innovation also led him to the possibility to work on the knowledge sharing process of RoboRana, both internally and externally. That's how he discovered his passion for giving trainings, sharing his knowledge and educating other people. "As I joined RoboRana in the start-up stage and started to work with a whole new technology, it was my responsibility to coach colleagues and clients". Onur states "It was my first time giving trainings, but I loved it from the very beginning!"

"As we began to see the positive impact of these trainings internally, RoboRana gave me all the necessary resources to take the trainings to the next level" Onur continues. "I got the chance to work on a whole new knowledge sharing strategy with the goal of educating both our clients and external stakeholders."

The main goal of the strategy is to create awareness concerning the benefits of RPA, reach the appropriate quality and becoming a real pioneer in the field of RPA. This way, RoboRana will be able to show its expertise to clients, attract new talent and last but not least: grow the internal experience level in order to better meet the clients' needs. To achieve this, collaborations with external partners will be indispensable: "Expanding our training offering enables us to support organizations — both national and international- in exploring how automation can be of added value for their organization."

Entrepreneurship at RoboRana

In order to give everybody the opportunity to explore new aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship, both support and entrepreneurial freedom have a high priority at RoboRana. You get the chance to explore new opportunities and to experiment with all kinds of new tools. "RoboRana is a perfect environment for people who are eager to learn and grow their knowledge on technology and business processes" Onur states. "Entrepreneurship is in our blood, we all have our own interests and talent that seem to match perfectly!

Ready to join the robotic revolution and looking for an opportunity where you get the chance to grow both your technical and entrepreneurial skills? Let's talk intelligent automation! 🐸

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May 12, 2020

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