Empowering the Future of Intelligent Automation

Today, we turn the spotlight on Lotte Harrijvan, one of our young project leaders who specializes in low-code application development and recently made the move to our Dutch branch. Lotte’s love of economics and mathematics led her to study Econometrics in Rotterdam, introducing her to programming. Afterwards, her love for her Belgian boyfriend led her from the Netherlands to Antwerp, where she applied at RoboRana Group. Working for clients in both Belgium and the Netherlands gave her valuable insights into the challenges organizations face, the importance of change management, and the strength of the RoboRana Group ecosystem.


What made you pick RoboRana Group as your first career choice?

I wanted to combine my love for programming with my interest in business development. RoboRana Group caught my eye as it focuses both on intelligent automation (RPA) and low-code development. On top of that, it is a young and dynamic company filled with motivated individuals. I started my career at RoboRana Group, but quickly moved on to Roboest, which is the Microsoft Power Platform Team of the Group. As a low-code developer, I helped build a variety of applications. In the past three years, I’ve transitioned from developer to project lead at the Dutch branch, where I’m responsible for project planning, execution, and team guidance. In this role, I focus on the needs of our clients and align them with our products. It is a great asset that I started off as a developer myself and therefore know how our low-code work from the inside.

Why do you gravitate towards low-code development?

I like the fast-paced development low-code offers. Within two weeks, I could create a functional front-end, allowing for quick client feedback. This agile approach helped me to deliver solutions that aligned with my clients’ expectations. However, low-code development also has its limitations. While it certainly enables rapid application development, certain functionalities may not be readily available out of the box. This occasionally requires custom coding, which can complicate the maintenance for clients. The ultimate goal of low-code applications is to empower clients to manage and expand their solutions themselves. Striking a balance between functionality and client expectations can be challenging, but I’ve gotten better at it throughout my career.


How does this complement your interest in business development?

Organizations, especially those with long-established processes, often face challenges when shifting towards intelligent automation and adopting new technologies like low-code applications. They are accustomed to traditional workflows. At RoboRana Group, we understand the importance of change management. Therefore, a significant part of my job involves guiding clients through the transition towards automatisation. Change management is not just a theoretical concept; it's an essential practice that ensures clients can effectively embrace the new solutions we develop. Our center of excellence is at the center of our support strategy, providing digital coaching and help with managed services.


Low-code has become widely established in a short period of time. What does the future hold?

I believe that AI will become an even bigger part of our philosophy, further enhancing the technical capabilities of our solutions. The RoboRana Group's philosophy is currently situated on three levels: data, processes, and applications. On each level, different technologies, platforms, and capabilities are combined to create holistic solutions. We gain insights through business and data analysis, value discovery and process mining. These insights are the foundations for our application development, using process modeling and solution design. Intelligent automation is already a big part of these processes, and I consider AI to be an additional component that will make solutions even more sophisticated. In October Microsoft launched CoPilot, an AI-powered tool that can assist in building low-code applications. This marks a significant shift in how applications are developed. Additionally, AI will playa more prominent role in tasks such as document classification and data extraction.


You’ve gotten to know the RoboRana Group quite well, both in Belgium and the Netherlands. What stands out to you?

We proactively identify opportunities for clients, organizing workshops to engage with them and understanding their pain points, while also focusing on potential synergies between various applications and technologies. This proactive approach ensures that our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients. It allows them to make the shift towards becoming autonomous enterprises, using automated business processes and operations to respond quickly to setbacks and sudden shifts in market trends or needs.


What are your next steps at the company?

I recently moved back to the Netherlands and joined the NL team. I’m excited to help redefine the company's strategy in the Dutch market. While intelligent automation is currently the primary focus, I notice a growing demand for low-code applications, particularly by use of the Microsoft Power Platform. I want to build a diverse team that can effectively leverage a range of technologies and deliver projects efficiently. I believe my unique position and history within the company allows me to bridge the gap between the Dutch andBelgian branches, creating a more cohesive and collaborative environment. With the right team, the right strategy, and a commitment to delivering client-centric solutions, we can help shape the future of automation.

Lotte Harrijvan
Project Lead
November 13, 2023

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