Bjarne's mission at RoboRana

Bjarne's mission at RoboRana

Becoming a Key Player in the Field of Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation

What if you had always been fascinated by AI? Looking to kickstart your professional career in the field of AI? Go talk with RoboRana, just like Bjarne did! After a satisfying internship, his path at RoboRana was settled. Check his full story!

From Internship to Full Professional AI/RPA engineer

Studying 'Applied Informatics​' at UC Leuven-Limburg, Bjarne has always been passionate about everything dealing with ​Artificial Intelligence and Process Automation​. As in most cases, he had to finish his education with an internship. RoboRana​, aiming to play a leading role in the area of Intelligent Process Automation (involving RPA, machine learning and artificial intelligence), immediately seemed like the perfect spot for an interesting and educational ​traineeship​.

During his three-month apprenticeship, Bjarne generally focused on developing a proof-of-concept for one of the key clients. The main goal of his assignment was to create market insights and predicting stock​ ​market​ figures​ and to identify potential ​among other things bankruptcies​.

After a successful internship, RoboRana offered Bjarne a job as 'AI & RPA Engineer'. For short, enlarging the automation scope using intelligence and cognitive services.

Focus on Intelligent Automation Roadmaps

Right now, Bjarne is mainly discovering the automation potential together with artificial intelligence leading to roadmaps for several projects. This involves the comparison​ of several ​Artificial Intelligence models​, defining the ​differences​ in terms of input​ and ​output​ and ​analyzing​ the client's ​requirements and ​needs​. Everything is discussed with the customer: vision and mission are both clearly mapped, in order to determine which models are more ​appropriate​ and ​adequate​ than others. In addition, Bjarne develops demos in his free time in which ​Robotic​ ​Process​ ​Automation​ and cognitive services​ are combined, for example for helpdesk and call center use cases.

On top of his mission, he was asked to provide technical guidance to two Karel de Grote Hogeschool interns​ during their own apprenticeships. The latter were tasked with a ​process​ ​intelligence​ trajectory aimed at identifying ​money​ ​laundering​ practices. For Bjarne an excellent opportunity to further deploy his ​technical​ and ​leadership​ skills.

Turn Your Job Into Extra Training

As many RoboRana employees will confirm, the company is the ideal working environment for gaining lots of knowledge​ and ​expertise​. In the first place, because you're able to work with the newest​ technologies​ and you can operate in a rapidly expanding and ​evolving​ ​market​. Furthermore, RoboRana's management provides sufficient time for ​traineeships​, ​webinars​ and ​workshops​. Bjarne has attended for example and among others an Azure AI training, and there is also an Amazon Web Services training scheduled.

RoboRana really gives you the space to learn, to create demo projects, and to transfer this to your own processes and clients. Mistakes are allowed, as long as you learn from them. Weekly knowledge transfers discuss the progress that has been made in the various areas of expertise.

On top, RoboRana is a pleasant and friendly workspace, where freedom, independence and responsibility go hand in hand. In short: lots of fun and above all challenging!

Triggered to do an internship or start your career at RoboRana? Don't hesitate to get in touch and join our robotic revolution!

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July 1, 2020

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