"The key to digitizing & automating your company, is to build small, fast and flexible solutions together with business and IT"

What we do?

IT applications are key to automate processes and drive business success. However, traditional coding methodologies are not meeting today’s requirements in terms of speed and agility. That’s why a new, modern way of software development is needed. Low-code development enables developers to skip hand-coding, speeding up the process of getting an application to production. But even more important, low-code breaks down the traditional silos of business & IT, allowing you them to build better solutions together.

What does a low code platform look like?

Although a lot of platforms claim to be low code, the majority is only focused on building basic apps with basic requirements. The leaders in the low code market however have all the necessary tools to develop a wide range of apps going from basic to business critical.

  • A visual IDE to develop and manage UI’s, workflows and data models that can be extended with code.
  • A collection of public and private connectors and back-end services allowing you to re-use and integrate easily.
  • An application lifecycle manager to automate and monitor your application from idea to deployment.

Why are companies adopting low code development?
  • Develop more applications with your current workforce
  • Lower costs of development and maintenance
  • Establish better collaboration between business & IT
  • Accelerate innovation by providing business users a way to experiment with new initiatives


At CODUX we enable you to change towards an organization where IT is continuously driving business value & innovation using low code technology. This does not only require having the right technical skills but also the right team setup with the right processes. CODUX helps you in both areas, making sure you are successful in any stage of your adoption. With our broad expertise in different enterprise low code systems like OutSystems, Mendix, PowerApps and Appian we help you to select the right platform for you. And as part of the RoboRana group we are uniquely positioned to help you integrate with the other automation toolbox technologies like RPA, IDP, chatbots, AI...

Leading organizations are creating more powerful enterprise apps with less coding and less time. But what are they doing with low code? Simply answered, a whole lot. From online portals to interact closer with customers & partners to process improvement apps to new core systems development. Take a look at our wide range of low code use cases below!


Our expertise extends across a wide variety of leading low code platforms. This allows us to help you select the right platform for your organization. With our focus on enterprise-grade platforms, companies will be able to develop a wide variety of solutions using one single platform fully integrated with your other enterprise systems.

Case studies

Process Mining for Intelligent Automation

Supercharge Intelligent Automation journey with Process Mining for Financial Instance.


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