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Customer  expectations are continuously evolving, as technology keeps improving at an  increasingly rapid rate customers’ focus shifts more and more on digital and  fast solutions. As communication gets faster and easier, customers expect  their needs to be met immediately. Since customer experience is a critical  part of an organization’s success, it is in the organizations best interest  to implement the technologies necessary for instant and personalized communication with customers. Businesses that don’t keep up with this  fast-evolving environment will be washed away with the rapid pace of change,  it happens with exceptional speed and will come with little to no  warning.

Many businesses are struggling to keep up with this ever-increasing demand  for fast and digital solutions. Not only must IT organizations develop new  digital solutions but also maintain, update, and support the already existing systems. This combined with the increasingly difficult challenge of finding  skilled developers creates a big backlog in most IT departments.

Low code development brings a solution to the problem of the ever-growing  backlog and scarcity of skilled developers. Rather than writing thousands of  lines of code, you can use low code platforms to build complete applications and workflows with modern user interfaces, integrations, data, and logic  quickly and visually. It can be used both by professional developers as by  normal users, even those without any previous coding experience.

A low-code platform is a bundle of tools that enables the development and  delivery of complete digital solutions by means of a drag & drop  interface. Low code platforms give total access to the user to build whatever  they want; they bring a high degree of customization to the users in an  intuitive way with less costs and time needed. This enables employees from  different departments to create their own solution without being dependent on  the IT team. These so-called citizen developers know their own processes and  difficulties, with a low code platform they can automate their own processes  and create applications without the need to wait for a technical expert thus  increasing business agility.

In essence, a low code platform reduces the barriers to software  development, reduces the IT backlog, and passes the development role to the  end user. This results in the IT department being a strategic player,  focusing more on competitive differentials and the organization’s core  business. When implemented correctly, with the right governance policies and  best practices, low code can make your business more agile and competitive on  the changing market.

Roboest was founded with the vision ‘Make people matter more’, we believe that a human-centric approach to technology unlocks new kinds of value for the entire organization. By empowering people to embrace change, we guide organizations through an increasingly complex and fast-moving environment by increasing business agility and stimulation innovation. Craftsmanship is one of the core values of Roboest, we work in very close collaboration with all our customers to co-create highly personalized experiences for their people  and customers.


We believe that the Microsoft Power Platform provides all the necessary capabilities and tools in a single platform to accelerate your digital evolution. The platform provides tools with which you can analyse data, automate processes, develop data-driven solutions, and much more. It helps organizations to achieve their full potential in the areas of communication, collaboration,  and knowledge-sharing, and as a result, they are better able to respond to the customers’ changing needs.

Case studies

Process Mining for Intelligent Automation

Supercharge Intelligent Automation journey with Process Mining for Financial Instance.


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