End-to-end process automation using enterprise automation toolboxes.

What we do?

As an intelligent automation competence center of the RoboRana group, Caudata is specialized in the automation of business processes using digital workforces. Our goal is to automate manual, repetitive tasks using intelligent process automation technologies like Robotics Process Automation (RPA), Artificial intelligence (AI), and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP). With a people-first approach, our mission is to bring time back to the human workforce so they can focus on what really matters, adding value.

Using our end-to-end automation platforms allows us and our customers to reshape the modern workplace and increase efficiency and productivity in their ever-changing landscape of applications and technologies.

Over 30 customers already joined forces with our experienced team, helping them from process analysis over process optimization to process automation. To do that we have developed a 4-way approach where each step is equally important for a successful implementation of automation within your organization.

Inspire & Discover

Identification and discovery of automation opportunities while creating a true automation mindset with a people-first approach. Listening to the needs of the business and transferring their requirements with the concerns of IT into a detailed automation roadmap. Our holistic approach is tool agnostic and starts from the process and people rather than pure the technology.

Execute & Deliver

Creating a proof of values by implementing automated processes following our highly standardized delivery approach. This contains in depth-analysis, building, quality assurance, testing, go-live, hypercare, and support during the entire delivery cycle for every process.

Scale & Engage

Looking beyond quick wins and aims for a much wider range of use cases, cross-functional, cross-department, cross-technology. We need to keep the flywheel turning and harness the momentum of the first small successes. With our coaching approach, we enable change management and set up a mature mindset around automation by building a governance layer with a scalable Centre of Excellence.

Sustain & Maintain

Laying out a service model where you can choose the amount and type of support and maintenance the organization might require. We look at the roadmap and make sure everything runs smoothly while we monitor the investments and processes being built.


To achieve all this, we bundled our experience and knowledge with the technology leaders within this segment. Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and UiPath have grown from RPA tools to true enterprise platforms that provide hyperautomation solutions.

Case studies

Process Mining for Intelligent Automation

Supercharge Intelligent Automation journey with Process Mining for Financial Instance.


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