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Meet Jana, our Product Owner

Are you ready to feel the satisfaction of delivering a self-made solution to your clients? We're looking for an analyst to discover and analyze information coming from various sources. You're quick on your feet, always diving into documents, and becoming a business expert in a very short amount of time.

In addition, you have an affinity for technology and you're ready to build performant, stable applications which are maintainable with the best low code platforms on the market. This way, you will be able to actually create, whereas before, you were only able to invent it.

Are you ready to take your career as a business analyst to the next step? We're searching for people who are as passionate about hyperautomation as we are. Let's talk?

Jana’s Profile


  • Out-of-the-box thinking & inventiveness
  • Teamwork
  • Gaining experience in a lot of different environments
  • Be a problem solver


  • Determination
  • Attention to detail
  • Accountability


  • Not being afraid to ask
  • Affinity with technology
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Case management
  • Analytical skills


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Business Analyst
Icon Location
Belgium: Kontich, Ghent & Leuven
Netherlands: Woerden
Icon Diploma
0-... years
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Icon Technology
BPMN Tools (Visio & Cawemo) Workshop Facilitation Tools (Miro & Mural), Project Management Tools (Jira & Asana)
Icon People team

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