Case Management Systems with low-code

Complexity is the heartbeat of today's businesses, and managing it effectively is the key to success. Whether you're navigating complex regulatory processes, customer support workflows, or the intricacies of real-life processes, having the right tools can make all the difference. At Roboest, your trusted partner in low-code, we offer a game-changing approach to casemanagement that caters to a wide range of industries.

1. The Challenge of Complexity

For modern businesses, complexity often arises from stringent regulatory and governance requirements. These mandates, while essential for ensuring compliance and accountability, also introduce intricate processes that are highly susceptible to change. Besides compliance issues, processes are also much more complex in a realistic setting than in theoretical models. Capturing this complexity within a digital platform presents a formidable challenge.

Governance requirements place a premium on transparency, accountability, and data integrity. These demands can lead to multifaceted workflows that must be meticulously managed. The interplay of decision-making hierarchies, documentation procedures, and audit trails adds layers of complexity that traditional management approaches struggle to capture.

In a practical, day-to-day context, the need for an agile, flexible, and efficient case management system becomes evident. Such a system should not only accommodate complexity, but also provide the means to respond proactively to regulatory changes and fluctuating circumstances. In the following sections, we will delve into how our low-code approach revolutionizes case management.

2. The Power of Low-Code for Case Management

Roboest's low-code approach offers a comprehensive strategy to address the challenges of regulatory compliance and real-life situations head-on, making complexity more manageable, compliance more attainable, and efficiencymore achievable.

Flexible Building Blocks for Complex Processes

Low-code technology is the ideal toolkit for modelling complex processes within your organization. Instead of struggling with intricate coding, low-codeplatforms offer a wide range of flexible building blocks. These building block scan be effortlessly assembled to represent even the most intricate workflows.


Seamless Integration for Effective Communication

Low-code platforms also provide ample integration options, ensuring effective communication with process stakeholders. In the ever-connected business landscape, seamless integration is paramount. Low code empowers you to bridge communication gaps effortlessly within one centralized location, whether it's with regulatory bodies, governing authorities, or internal stakeholders.

Flexibility and Scalability

Low-code technology is engineered to adapt and scale seamlessly with your organization's evolving needs. Whether you operate as a public agency navigating intricate regulatory landscapes or a private enterprise seeking to optimize your workflows, our low-code solutions provide the agility required to keep pace with change. The flexibility to customize and scale as your organization grows is at the heart of our approach.


Say farewell to the cumbersome and costly world of excessive coding. Our low-code approach is designed to minimize maintenance expenses and reduce the risk of accumulating technical debt. By streamlining development and simplifying updates, we ensure that your investment remains cost-effective, allowing you to allocate resources where they matter most.

Enhanced User Experiences

Across all industries and in both the public and private sectors, user experiences matter. With our low-code solutions, you'll deliver intuitive interfaces and seamless interactions that foster quick adoption and increase satisfaction rates among employees and customers alike.

3. How to GetStarted: Case Management Made Simple

The prospect of implementing a case management system might seem daunting, given the intricate processes they are designed to handle. However, the truth is that these systems are not as complex as the processes they model. In fact, with the right approach and partner, getting started can be remarkably straightforward.


1. Understand Your Needs

The first step is to get a thorough understanding of your organization's processes and bottlenecks. Identify the specific processes or workflows that require streamlining and note where and how they can be improved. Consider factors such as compliance requirements, user expectations, and scalability.

2. Choose the Right Partner

Low code is easy to get started with, but hard to master. That's why selecting the right partner can make all the difference. Our expertise in low-code solutions can simplify the entire process. Our experienced team will work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and guide you through the implementation journey. 

3. Start Small, Scale Big

You don't need to tackle everything at once. Begin with a specific use case or department and expand gradually. Our low-code systems are designed for scalability, allowing you to grow at your own pace.

4. Experience the Benefits

As you start using your customized case management system, you'll quickly notice improvements in efficiency, compliance, and user satisfaction.The complexity of your processes will be elegantly managed, making your operations smoother and more agile.


Proven Results

At Roboest, we don't just talk the talk – we deliver results that speak for themselves. Our track record of success with clients is a testament to the impact of our low-code automation solutions. See for yourself; the proof is in the pudding. Here are some of our noteworthy achievements from past cases:


  • Successfully boosted on-time payments for a public entity, skyrocketing them from 53% to an impressive 89%.
  • Meticulously processed an impressive volume of over 300,000 invoices for a public entity, achieving a flawless error-free record.
  • Seamlessly managed a whopping 2,000 contract requests annually for a multinational pharma giant, ensuring swift and efficient handling.
  • Orchestrated the onboarding of more than 500 external vendors for a multinational pharma company, complete with comprehensive risk assessment protocols.
  • Revolutionized the invoicing process by streamlining mail-based flows, slashing manual processing time by a remarkable 60%
  • Elevated financial reporting to new heights, halving the time required for data download and upload at a major marketing agency.

Ready to Simplify Case Management?

Case management systems don't have to be complex. In fact, they can be the key to simplifying your organization's most intricate processes. We are here to demystify the process and provide you with the expertise and technology needed to excel. Let's embark on this journey together.

Contact Roboest today to explore how our low-code solutions can revolutionize your case management processes and drive success in your industry.

Lorenz Veheyden
Managing Partner Roboest
Glenn Van De Locht
Solutions Architect